The Universe Loves a Happy Ending - 9780897936699

Un libro in lingua di Hans Andeweg edito da Hunter House, 2016

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Everything is energy and everything is connected to everything else. This is the premise of TULAHE (The Universe Loves a Happy Ending), a book that makes innovative connections between (quantum) science and universal spiritual laws to give readers new tools for working with life energy and a revolutionary paradigm for healing nature, themselves and organizations.

A biologist by training, Andeweg started working in 1990 at the Institute for Resonance-therapy (IRT) in Germany, helping to develop an energy-based method for revitalizing nature reserves and small organizations. The sophisticated method of energetic healing developed there is explained in depth in Andeweg’s previous book, In Resonance with Nature, and is called ECOtherapy. In 2001, Andeweg and his wife and colelague, Rijke Bols, co-founded the Centre for ECOtherapy, now based in Marl, Germany.

Based on the viewpoint that nature has a soul and that we can communicate with it, ECOtherapy helps to restore and maintain a harmonious balance of vital energies underlying health and vitality. The author believes ECOtherapy can be effectively applied anywhere where the balance between living organisms and their environment has been disturbed, maintaining that the conscious involvement of the caretakers, their inner intuitive development in working with nature, and their connection with the higher spiritual world is essential for the ecosystem's long-term vitality.

Eco stems from the Greek word oikos, meaning house or home. In ECOtherapy work, Eco suggests home in the broadest sense of the word ? our living environment, work environment, community. Earth is, in the end, everyone’s home, and the concept of guardianship married with the tools of energetic healing empowers the individual to take an active role in caring for the planet.

The core of ECOtherapy is a method of healing ecosystems from a distance using the principles of energetic caretaking or guardianship. A truly revolutionary concept, energetic guardianship/caretaking is designed to help people live in agreement with their true natures and the planet. In TULAHE, Andeweg reaches out to share his knowledge with the reader, explaining how a person who is ready to accept the role of energetic caretaker can heal damaged or decaying systems that are in his or her care ? including houses, gardens, businesses and nature ? using energy, intention, color and sound.

Using his own journey of discovery as a backdrop, the author demonstrates the science behind the complex intertwining of disciplines that come together in ECOtherapy, showing how seemingly diverse topics like quantum mechanics, zero point energy, near death experiences, compassion, forgiveness, the Mayan calendar and ancient wisdom from China and Hawaii are related. The result is a coherent theory of energetic healing that the reader can use to improve the life force in himself, the environment and his working and living communities.

The book also explores important esoteric areas of human life. With an eye to the reader’s emotional and spiritual ecosystems, Andeweg discusses living with compassion, the mystery of life after death, the language of the heart, and measuring and making time.

This book is for every person who acknowledges the importance of caring for his environment and life at all levels, and who wants an active role in healing the damaged and decaying. With these techniques, Andeweg affords the reader the opportunity to transform their lives and work for good of those around them using power of the universe.

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