Un libro in lingua di Randall Balmer edito da Basic Books, 2014

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Whether rising to power or falling from grace, Jimmy Carter’s political fortunes were always tied to those of progressive Christianity. A former peanut farmer and born-again Christian, Carter won the presidency in 1976 thanks in large part to America’s evangelicals, who responded to Carter’s open religiosity and his rejection of the moral bankruptcy of the Nixon White House. But in 1980 evangelical voters overwhelmingly abandoned him in favor of Ronald Reagan, and in doing so rejected the long and noble tradition of progressive evangelicalism Carter represented.

Esteemed religious historian Randall Balmer presents a compelling new biography of the 39th President, showing how Carter’s defeat signaled the eclipse of progressive evangelicalism and the rise of the Religious Right, a political force that continues to reign today. In this fresh, insightful look at Carter’s life and career, Balmer reveals Carter as the embodiment of a liberal evangelical tradition, now sadly overshadowed by right-wing militancy.

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