Multinational Finance

Un libro in lingua di Butler Kirt C. edito da John Wiley & Sons Inc, 2016

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Multinational Finance assumes the viewpoint of the financial manager of a multinational corporation with investment or financial operations in more than one country. The book provides a framework for evaluating the many opportunities, costs, and risks of multinational operations in a manner that allows readers to see beyond the algebra and terminology to the general principles of multinational financial management. The text is distinguished by its logical organization, superior pedagogy, and clear, non-technical writing style. It includes the traditional international finance topics of foreign exchange, currency and derivatives markets, currency risk (transaction, operating and translation) management, country risk, taxation, capital structure, cost of capital, and international portfolio diversification. It also has unique chapters on multinational treasury management, the rationale for hedging currency risks, options on real assets, corporate governance, asset pricing, and international portfolio management.

A modular structure that promotes flexibility in coverage. Intended for MBA and advanced undergraduate classes, the text requires only a single preparatory course in finance. Advanced material is placed in chapter appendices so that study can be tailored to each individual’s objectives, interests, and level of preparation.

An emphasis on the basics of financial management. Multinational Finance emphasizes the managerial aspects of multinational finance.

Comprehensive coverage of traditional topics. Comprehensive coverage is provided on the traditional topics of multinational finance.

Distinctive chapters and appendices on key topics. Distinctive chapters are devoted to topics of special interest to practitioners of multinational finance.

Student learning aides. A number of learning aides highlight the main points in each chapter. 

-         Callouts. Callouts in the text highlight and summarize key definitions and concepts.

-         Key Terms. Key terms appear in boldface the first time they are used. Key terms are listed at the end of each chapter and defined in a comprehensiveGlossary.

-         Boxed essays provide market updates, real-world examples, and applications that link the conceptual material to managerial practice.

 -         Conceptual Questions at the end of each chapter summarize the key ideas in each chapter and allow students to test their understanding of the material.

 -         A robust set of end-of-chapter Problems provides practice in applying the financial concepts, techniques, and strategies. Solutions are provided in aSolutions Manual that is available to instructors adopting Multinational Finance for classroom use.

 -         PowerPoint handouts. PowerPoint handouts for each chapter review the chapter’s key learning objectives and illustrate how to apply the material in a real-world setting. Many instructors use these handouts as the basis for their lectures.

Instructional aides. A comprehensive Instructor’s Manual is available to adopting instructors.

 -         More than 600 PowerPoint slides review the key elements in each chapter and illustrate how to apply the material. TheNotesPages that accompany the slides provide additional insights and examples for the instructor’s classroom use.

 -         A Solutions Manual provides answers to the end-of-chapter questions and problems. 

 -         A Test Bank available to instructors includes nearly 1,100 test questions and solutions including true-false, multiple-choice and matching questions, comprehensive numerical problems, and short essays.

 The objective in providing these supplements is to reduce the burden of preparation and allow instructors to spend their time where it is most needed - in teaching.

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