Un libro in lingua di Tim Cockey edito da Hyperion Books, 2004

  • € 28,20
  • Il prezzo è variabile in funzione del cambio della valuta d’origine

Trouble is on the way when the corpse isn't even cold and Hitch is already on the scene. Before the police. It's murder - a kitchen knife in the back - and the apparent killer wants Hitch to scoop up the body and dump it into an unmarked grave. Our boy might play fast and loose in other aspects of his life, but stupid he is not: He's not about to get dragged into this mess. But it's too late. The police soon get wind of Hitch's presence at the early morning murder scene and they want answers - answers that Hitch can't readily provide.
Meanwhile, across town, unsavory doings at a local nursing home have piqued Hitch's interest, especially when an elderly friend residing there takes a swift and fatal turn for the worse. Pursued as a potential coconspirator in one murder while attempting to sort out the facts surrounding the suspicious nursing home death, Hitch barely has time to keep up with his day job.
But he does. And nobody turns the turf with more tenacity, wit, and charm than Hitchcock Sewell. Aided by his ever-lovely ex-wife Julia, his sly Aunt Billy, and a big blonde backup singer for a local country-and-western band, Hitch again makes the dark arts of crime fighting and interment a joy to behold.

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