Daydreams at Work

Un libro in lingua di Amy Fries edito da Casemate Pub & Book Dist Llc, 2009

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Learn how to use the creative power of daydreaming at work to problem solve, brainstorm, energize, motivate, find personal satisfaction, and most important––come up with the next big idea! Everybody daydreams, but most people don’t know anything about the process. Isn’t it time you found out more about your most creative (and neglected) state of mind?

Daydreams at Work:

* Shows you why daydreaming is literally your most creative state of mind.
* Reveals the valuable & productive role mind wanderings and daydreams play in your life and work.
* Gives you ideas—through stories and interviews with successful people—for tapping into your own daydreams for ideas, energy and motivation. Find out why Google, Gore & Associates (Gore-Tex), and 3M give their employees the time and space to daydream and how that’s helped them become some of the most innovative companies in the world.

Daydreams at Work includes:

* Interviews with and stories from top psychologists, leading corporate executives, entrepreneurs, artists, writers, scientists, inventors, and athletes, including legendary mountain climber Ed Viesturs.
* Questionnaires to help you determine your own daydreaming style and patterns.
* Thought-provoking exercises and tips that will have you examining your daydreams in new and creative ways.

Daydreams are not just wishful thinking; they are your source for ideas, energy, and motivation.


* “In an era where our busyness has hijacked our creativity, this book is a wake-up call to the importance of daydreaming at work. Ideas will be the competitive edge for most organizations in this global and challenging economy. This book provides practical ways to reconnect with your creative powers and ignite idea-passion in those you lead.” —Nan S. Russell, corporate-workplace expert and author of Hitting Your Stride: Your Work, Your Way, HittingYourStride.com

* “Daydreams at Work is an inspiring book about tapping into creativity and free thinking—which is where your best ideas come from. It’s books like this that get people into the right frame of mind to not only create better lives for themselves—but to change the world!” —Lauren Zander, co-founder of the Handel Group (HandelGroup.com), a business consulting and private coaching company.


"The book examines how the Einsteins and Edisons of the past found inspiration in their daydreams, why Google, Gore & Associates (Gore-Tex) and 3M give their employees the time and space to daydream and how that has made them some of the most innovative companies in the world." -- Cape Gazette

"Dream a Little Dream … When do you get your best ideas? When you’re sitting at your desk striving for an answer, or when you’re doing something off-task like driving, walking, or puttering around the house? Though many of us have sensed the connection between daydreaming and creativity, recent scientific studies are combining with an abundance of anecdotal evidence to establish that when daydreaming we are in our most creative state of mind, tapping into and connecting complex regions of the brain. … Amy Fries’s new book Daydreams at Work: Wake Up Your Creative Powers (Capital Books, 2009) shows you how to tap into your daydreams for ideas, energy, solutions, and motivation for both work and life." -- slowleadership.org

"Daydreams At Work: Wake Up Your Creative Powers by Amy Fries is the book for anyone who wants to tap into their creative or meditative powers. Amy takes the guilt out of being a day-dreamer (How many of us have been told to get up and do something productive?) by making the reader realize that daydream time can be the most productive of all because it is where ideas are born and mature. Artists, musicians, writers, inventors, discoverers, and all the people who have changed the world are inspired by daydreams. And the author tells you how to encourage your best daydreams, how companies have achieved great success by allowing dream-time for their employees, and how you can make your daydreams come into fruitful reality. This book is a tool to making your dreams become reality and to achieving a totally fulfilling life, reaching your imagined potential. Get it today." -- Bonnie Neely, Amazon

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