Un libro in lingua di Homer Rieu E. V. Rieu D. C. H. Jones Peter V. (INT) edito da Penguin Classics, 2003

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  • Il prezzo è variabile in funzione del cambio della valuta d’origine
Odyssey libro in lingua di Homer, Rieu E. V., Rieu D. C. H., Jones Peter V. (INT)

The epic tale of Odysseus and his ten-year journey home after the Trojan War forms one of the earliest and greatest works of Western literature.

@IthacaStateOfMind Uh oh. This cave is a giant's lair. He has a taste for cheese, and my companions. He also has only one eye. Trying to keep from laughing.

Got him drunk. Put a hot poker in his ONE EYE when he blacked out. That will show him – if he could see. LOL. Time to leave.

Damn. Poseidon pissed. How was I supposed to know One-Eye was his son? What Olympian whore did he sleep with to get an issue like that?

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