Gray Men

Un libro in lingua di Ishikawa Tomotake, Lloyd Davies Jonathan (TRN) edito da Vertical Inc, 2013

  • € 13,90
  • Il prezzo è variabile in funzione del cambio della valuta d’origine

Winner of the 2011 Golden Elephant Award for International Genre Fiction.

Ryotaro Sakuma is your everyday service industry employee. He just happens to work for a jewelry store, where luxury defines status. Sadly Ryo does not fit into this world, so his own boss and his fellow co-workers consistently pick on him to the point where Ryo often comtemplates suicide. Upon making a decision to finally end it all, he hears a voice from a man in an ash-colored suit. This man in grey would call out to him and eventually lead him to what would hopefully be a better place.

However, he may have been deceived. Instead, this GRAY would ask Ryo for his help in a major heist. A heist on the very shop Ryo used to work for. This was not some regular hold up either. They would execute a major break-in that would quickly redefine the lives of everyone involved. To do this would be to create a new first impression for life.

The GRAY's name is Toshihiko Yuzuki and in a previous life his family of three was destroyed, when thugs murdered his wife and child. The justice system would simply give these criminals ten years time. During that period he has seen the wrongs of modern day Japan as he would come to see the failings of not only the justice system but the nation as a whole. He despises the finacial system and those with wealth. He cannot stand those who use such forces with malicious intent. So now as a GRAY he is ready to bring down the system. After saving so many lives from suicide, he is prepared to change his country in a way that would immediately impact every individual and corporation equally.

With Sakuma by his side Toshihiko, the man in grey, is conspiring to rob the Bank of Japan and the Japanese Mint on what might be the biggest bank heist in history! Planned for December 24th, if they can pull it off Japan might be in store for the worst Christmas ever!

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