Great Myths of the Brain

Un libro in lingua di Christian Jarrett edito da Blackwell Pub, 2014

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The brain has never been subject to such intense scrutiny ù barely a day passes without a newspaper splashing the results of the latest brain scan study purporting to reveal the neurological location of happiness, love, rage, or any number of human emotions. Yet, for all of the gains in our understanding of brain function credited to scientific research, there is a growing body of hype and misinformation about how the brain works.

Great Myths of the Brain presents a comprehensive examination of myths surrounding the function of the human brain. Cognitive neuroscience expert Christian Jarrett takes on over 50 myths associated with brain function ù from those based on falsehoods or partial truths to ones cloaked in scientific language. Jarrett first explores general myths, such as the idea that we only use I 0 percent of our brains, or that adults can't grow new brain cells. He then goes on to address a variety of more contemporary issues, including technological myths (can brain scans really read your mind?); structural myths, including the recent hype around mirror neurons; perceptual myths, including the idea that you perceive the world as it really is; and a variety of contemporary myths swirling around brain disorders ù including epilepsy, autism, and dementia. Illuminating and insightful, Great Myths of the Brain takes some of the mystery out of the most mysterious and complex organ in the human body.

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