The Trial of the Stone

Un libro in lingua di Richardo Keens-Douglas Stephane Jorisch Jorisch Stephane (ILT) edito da Firefly Books Ltd, 2000

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The Trial of the Stone is a humorous folk tale in which a stone is accused of a crime and the villagers at the trial must learn to take the judicial system seriously.

A young boy named Matt is off to visit his grandfather in a faraway village. He has been on the road all day, and when dusk falls, Matt finds a place to sleep near a big rock. He hides the few pennies he has for the next day's breakfast safely under a stone. A scoundrel in a red shirt watches Matt settle in and sees him hide his money. When the boy is fast asleep, the man tiptoes over, steals the few pennies and runs away.

In the morning, the boy wakes to find his breakfast money gone. He looks everywhere - but no pennies. In his distress, he raises such a ruckus that the people from a nearby village come running. The constable takes charge and inquires what is wrong. Matt tells his sad story. The village chief then orders the constable to carry the stone to the village to stand trial for theft. The villagers trail along to see what will happen

In the trial, the stone is accused of stealing Matt's money. The rock remains silent, but the crowd giggles. They are warned to keep quiet, as this is a serious matter. The rock refuses to answer any further questions and is finally charged with contempt of court. This causes the crowd to laugh out loud. As their laughter continues and they further annoy the court, they all end up being charged one penny for the disturbance. The chief awards the pennies to the boy. And it is the man in the red shirt who is ordered to carry the disobedient rock back where it belongs. With his new money, Matt buys his breakfast and goes happily on his way.

The Trial of the Stone is based on an old folk tale that appears in various forms throughout Africa, Asia and South America.

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