The Real Roswell Crashed-Saucer Coverup

Un libro in lingua di Klass Philip J. edito da Random House Inc, 1997

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The coverup at Roswell is finally revealed!

For years the public has been led to believe that the U.S. government and the military have tried to cover up the recovery of a crashed saucer and its alien occupants from near Roswell, New Mexico. This belief has been fostered by numerous books, newspaper articles, TV shows, and movies released since the incident of 1947.
After many years of investigation, Philip J. Klass, "the Sherlock Holmes of UFOlogy," has uncovered hard evidence that there is indeed a cover-up, "but not by the U.S. government." This is based on solid evidence contained in once "secret" and "top secret" Air Force and CIA documents whose contents were intentionally withheld by authors of books and articles on Roswell, as well as by those who produced TV shows on the subject.

In The Real Roswell Crashed Saucer Coverup, Klass discloses what really crashed on the Brazel ranch. He also reveals serious flaws in the tales told by alleged witnesses some of whom have drastically changed their accounts.

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