From the Inside Out - 9780973817935

Un libro in lingua di Lee Linda L. Jesse Lee Huesken Tim (ILT) edito da Linda L Lee, 2006

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“From the Inside Out: A Self-Esteem Book for Kids, Second Edition”, is the second of two books on the development of healthy self-esteem for elementary school aged children, by authors Linda L. Lee and Jesse Lee. This creative, informative and interactive work is targeted for children ages nine to twelve and combines comic strips, illustrations, easy-to-read text and journaling exercises to bring young readers the information and tools they need to build positive self-esteem.Linda Lee is a registered psychologist with over seventeen years experience. Linda specializes in the treatment of anxiety, depression and self-esteem issues for adults. When it came time to discuss developing healthy self-esteem with her son, Jesse, they began devising a way of translating the topic of self-talk to a language kids could easily understand. Now in its second printing, and second edition, “From the Inside Out” has been written, illustrated, and formatted to allow kids in this very tender age group to explore their inner-strengths and learn the skills that will keep them strong, even through tumultuous times.The first step in building strong self-esteem is to tackle the horrendous effects of negative self-talk. We often see people around us who look confident and successful, but inside they are convinced that there's something wrong with them and they don't deserve that success. This pattern starts at the earliest stages of life, on the playground and in the minds of kids. By focusing on the inner dialogue and learning how to change negative self-talk, kids can be given the tools which will allow them to feel good about themselves throughout their lifetime. “From the Inside Out” covers topics from “What is Self-Esteem” to “Changing Your Inner Voice” to “Nobody's Perfect”. All of the topics covered are aimed at helping kids hear their inner voice, take control and make positive changes in their own lives.Self-esteem is vital for all of us. The earlier we can learn about self-esteem and enhance healthy self-esteem the better. Self-esteem is what will provide the strength and resolve to help kids be able to say “no” when they need to say “no” and to say “yes” when they want to say “yes”. It is the armor that will help them emotionally survive bullying, being left out and embarrassing moments. Self-esteem includes self-confidence which enables kids to try new activities and improve from mistakes. The first part of “From the Inside Out” includes information about self-esteem and questions to help the reader discover their own responses regarding self-esteem. The last part of the book allows for more detailed journaling and self-discovery. This book can be a valuable resources used by individuals or in group settings where discussion of the topics and examples are encouraged.

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