Recognizing Celiac Disease

Un libro in lingua di Libonati Cleo J. Capuzzi David M. M.D. Ph.D. (FRW) edito da Gfw Pub, 2007

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Recognizing Celiac Disease is the complete guide to recognizing, diagnosing and managing celiac disease. It is a reader-friendly, reference manual written for both medical professionals and the general public. The NIH now estimates celiac disease affects up to 1 in 100 people, making Recognizing Celiac Disease both timely and urgently needed. The book provides: • Up-to-date scientific information obtained from hundreds of research studies and case reports from around the world. • Explanations of gluten (the cause of celiac disease), sources of gluten in food and how gluten triggers a harmful reaction in the body. • An overview of celiac disease, including background, prevalence, description, pathophysiology, manifestations, diagnosis, management and prognosis. • A complete description of the digestive process and how gluten disrupts both organ structure and function. • The 3-Step Process for gluten-free diet self-management. This book will act as a guide and resource for successful dietary management by clinicians and individuals.• Helpful lists of foods and ingredients commonly allowed and not allowed on a gluten-free diet. • Nutritional charts detailing how deficiencies show, research study findings, case reports, response to gluten-free diet, and lists of foods with the highest sources of each nutrient to enable any person to assess his own, or a patient's, state of health regarding nutritional deficiencies related to celiac disease and then manage those deficiencies. • Concise charts of over 300 health manifestations detailing prevalence, description, relationship to celiac disease, symptoms, causes and response to the gluten-free diet aid clinicians and patients in identifying and treating disorders caused by, or related to, celiac disease.• 2 indexes, a comprehensive glossary, charts, figures and numbered citations from hundreds of medical journals, periodicals and texts for further study. The main index, listing over 1,000 entries, enables readers to quickly find what they are looking for and learn whether any worldwide medical studies have associated a medical condition or symptom with celiac disease. Recognizing Celiac Disease is the first compendium on celiac disease. It has received endorsements from faculty at Columbia, Harvard, Jefferson and Temple University medical schools. Recognizing Celiac Disease is also endorsed by the National Foundation for Celiac Awareness and the Celiac Sprue Association USA.Whether you work in a medical field or are just interested in celiac disease, Recognizing Celiac Disease is a valuable reference tool you will use again and again.www.recognizingceliacdisease.com

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