Un libro in lingua di Nicholson Jon (PHT) Ian Gray Tom Hugh-Jones Dan Rees Sharmila Choudhury edito da Bbc Pubns, 2008

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Rising from the pure glacial meltwaters of the Himalayas, the Ganges (Gang Ma or Great Mother) flows down onto India's northern plain and heads eastward into the swamplands of Bangladesh, finally discharging a vast, 310 mile tongue of silt into the Bay of Bengal. As well as filling wells and irrigating crops to sustain the cities and villages along its banks, it is the spiritual lifeblood of India's primary religion, Hinduism. Bathing in the Ganges remains the lifelong ambition of many of India's believing masses, who consider the river to be a living goddess. Ganges reveals the source of the river high in the Himalayas?the youngest mountain range in the world?and follows its route as it sharply incises the mountains on its journey southeast. Along the way, we discover the Hindu story of the river's creation and how it supports the myriad forms of life that thrive on its banks, and learn about the early exploration attempts by British explorers. With stunning images by photographer Jon Nicholson and accompanying text, Ganges is a true visual feast?as teeming with life and color as the mighty river itself.

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