Designer Genes

Un libro in lingua di Steven Potter edito da Random House Inc, 2010

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"Steven Potter, an outstanding teacher, manages to convey in crisp and accessible language concepts that until now have been the domain of a few experts. As I read Designer Genes, I felt that I was undertaking a new voyage of exploration, and that the goal was not the discovery of new lands, or what's out there in outer space, but the very foundation of life as we know it. Potter expertly shows us the spectacular amount of knowledge that our species has acquired and the vast possibilities within reach, and he teaches us these without forgetting to tell us, quietly, that as in all voyages there are perils and challenges lurking ahead and that society must deal with the moral and ethical issues that desingning our own genes will signify: in the end, the voyage is as much scientific as about our destiny as individuals and as a species."---R. Ariel Gomez, M.D., Harrison Professor of Pediatrics and Biology, University of Virginia School of Medicine

"A brisk, highly engaging read---informative, lucid, and to the point. And bold! Although Designer Genes is a relatively short book, I found myself stopping in the middle of a page to ponder one of Dr. Potter's many intriguing comments. This book, which delves into some of the most exciting current topics in biomedical science, should appeal to non-scientists and scientists alike."---Sanjay Nigam, M.D., professor of Pediatrics, medicine, and cellular and molecular medicine, University of California, San Diego

"Designer Genes covers the important discoveries during the past five decades in molecular developmental biology and genetics. It even ventures into morality and religious issues, and does this with great capability and sensitivity: `When does "the soul" most likely enter the developing fertilized egg?' `How many souls are possible from one fertilized egg?' These and many other deep questions are illuminated with answers that can be easily comprehended and should be acceptable to the large majority of people, whether they are scientists or not, and whether they are theologians or not."---Daniel W. Nebert, M.D., professor, Department of Pediatrics and Molecular Developmental Biology, Division of Human Genetics, University of Cincinnati Medical Center

This Compelling new book covers the most important revolution since Darwin---how cutting-edge genetic science will soon allow us to speed up and transform our own evolution, and the moral choices we must make as we improve, alter, and even duplicate ourselves.

The fact is that, until now, human evolution has been exceedingly slow. But there's about to be a profound change in this process, with a perfect storm of revolutions in the fields of genetic modification, stem cells, DNA sequencing, and embryo manipulation. The result is that it will soon be possible for parents to consciously choose the genes of their children, defining their intelligence, appearance, athletic ability, and health. The ramifications could be enormous, with each generation smarter, more technologically proficient, and better able to design the genes of their offspring. Where will this evolution on steroids take us?

Designer Genes presents a balanced view, describing the underlying science in accessible terms and discussing the pros and cons of implementing this new technology.

Designer Genes also investigates such controversial questions as: when is an embryo a person? Are we smart enough to pick optimal gene combinations? What will the government's role be?

Science has brought us an astonishing understanding of the genetic basis of life, as well as potent new power to guide the genetic destiny of humanity. What will we do next?

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