Feeling Beauty

Un libro in lingua di Starr G. Gabrielle edito da Mit Pr, 2013

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In Feeling Beauty, G. Gabrielle Starr argues that understandingthe neural underpinnings of aesthetic experience can reshape our conceptions of aesthetics and thearts. Drawing on the tools of both cognitive neuroscience and traditional humanist inquiry, Starrshows that neuroaesthetics offers a new model for understanding the dynamic and changing features ofaesthetic life, the relationships among the arts, and how individual differences in aestheticjudgment shape the varieties of aesthetic experience.

Starr, a scholar of thehumanities and a researcher in the neuroscience of aesthetics, proposes that aesthetic experiencerelies on a distributed neural architecture -- a set of brain areas involved in emotion, perception,imagery, memory, and language. More important, it emerges from networked interactions, intricatelyconnected and coordinated brain systems that together form a flexible architecture enabling us todevelop new arts and to see the world around us differently. Focusing on the "sister arts" ofpoetry, painting, and music, Starr builds and tests a neural model of aesthetic experience validacross all the arts. Asking why works that address different senses using different means seem toproduce the same set of feelings, she examines particular works of art in a range of media,including a poem by Keats, a painting by van Gogh, a sculpture by Bernini, and Beethoven's DiabelliVariations. Starr's innovative, interdisciplinary analysis is true to the complexities of both thephysical instantiation of aesthetics and the realities of artistic representation.

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