Judicial Tyranny - the New Kings of America?

Un libro in lingua di Sutherland Mark I. Federer William J. Roy Moore Dobson James C. Alan Keyes edito da Amerisearch Inc, 2005

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This newly revised book by Mark I. Sutherland provides an excellent education of the ongoing tyranny of judges in our nation. It is a cooperative effort by those who are daily involved in this issue and is designed to provide the average reader with the simple truth about our limited system of government and how those limits are being violated to the detriment of us all, and what can be done to restore liberties, rights and freedoms. This book covers everything from problem judges, to international law, to congressional solutions, to the misunderstood concept of the 'rule of law' and is written for the everyday citizen. Chapters feature some of the nation's most prominent leaders in the battle for continued liberty and freedom in our nation, such as: A CONSTITUTIONAL CRISIS-US Attorney General Ed Meese THOU SHALT HAVE NO GOD BEFORE US-Benjamin D. DuPré, Esq.THE POWER OF OUR TRUE HISTORY-Dave Meyer A CHRISTIAN AMERICA?-David C. Gibbs III, Esq.WHAT LAW?-Ambassador Alan Keyes WHO IS AMERICA'S SOVERIEGN?-The Honorable Howard Phillips THE RULE OF LAW-Chief Justice Roy S. Moore JUDICIAL ATHEISM-Rev. Rick Scarborough REDEFINING THE RULES-Mark I. Sutherland AMERICAN OLIGARCHY-William J. Federer IT'S A JUDGE ISSUE-Phyllis Schlafly, Esq.JUDICIAL ORDERED MURDER?-Dr. James Dobson INTERNATIONAL LAW?-Alan E. Sears, Esq.JUST SAY NO TO JUDICIAL TYRANNY-Don Feder THE SOUL OF AMERICA-Rev. Rick Scarborough WHEN IN THE COURSE-Mathew D. Staver, Esq.THE POWER OF EACH STATE-Herbert W. Titus, Esq.THE FINAL MOMENTS OF CONFLICT-Ambassador Alan Keyes TO IMPEACH OR NOT TO IMPEACH?-Mark I. Sutherland WHAT DO I DO NOW?-Mark I. Sutherland Plus the entire Declaration of Independence, Constitution and Amendments to the US Constitution.

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