Un libro in lingua di Chonyi Taylor edito da Snow Lion Pubns, 2010

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Enough! is a hands-on guide to help put an end to the patterns that sabotage the potential for a true and satisfying happiness. All of us are caught up in addictions---big or small. Enough! presents a practical path that releases us from the grip of negative habits and addictions that block a full and meaningful life.

We can learn how to undo our habits and addictions, but to do this we have to first find their triggers. With the right techniques we can disarm them and learn more effective ways for dealing with the pain that so often underlies our problem-causing behaviors. Without the support of effective methods we are likely to return to our addictions when pain and painful issues arise. Chonyi Taylor helps us break through that cycle, reconnect with ourselves and others, and feel more centered in our spiritual awareness.

Presenting the essence of Buddhism without the jargon, and fusing it with Western psychology, Chonyi Taylor engagingly combines practical exercises that were developed through her workshops with meditations and stories, and presents invaluable insights about how the mind works.

Enough! is intended for anyone who is looking for a powerful and effective way out of addiction, regardless of religious or secular background, and is suitable for self-study or as part of a guided program.

"The Buddha's eight-step enlightenment program has a lot to say about freeing us from overwhelming attachments and other habitual patterns, and Chonyi Taylor has the experience and know-how to communicate this well. Her accessible and savvy hands-on guide is profound in applying spiritual principles of awareness cultivation for reconditioning the heart and mind through a skillful combination of practical psychospiritual exercises and insightful introspection. I heartily recommend this to all those struggling to become healthier and happier, more balanced, sane, and liberated."---Lama Surya Das, author of Letting Go of the Person You Used to Be

"With Enough! Chonyi Taylor has created a practical, step-by-step guide to finding freedom from addiction and compulsion, as well as a clear and honest approach to living life while walking a spiritual path. Taylor offers us a tremendous opportunity to transform the pain of our destructive behaviors into the fruit of spiritual awakening."---Michael Imperioli, actor, HBO "Sopranos" and Tibetan Buddhist

"Chonyi Taylor has given us a thorough, detailed, and systematic approach to dealing with addictions and the negative emotions that fuel them that is a major contribution to the integration of Buddhism into Western psychology and psychotherapy."---Ron Leifer, M.D., author of Vinegar into Honey

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