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A Natural History of Amphibians

A Natural History of Amphibians

Stebbins Robert C.  Cohen Nathan W. 
edizioni Princeton Univ Pr collana Princeton Univ Pr (Paperback)

This is a book for all readers who want to learn about amphibians, the animal group that includes frogs, toads, salamanders, and caecilians. It draws on many years of classroom teaching, laboratory experience, and field observation by the authors. Robert Stebbins and Nathan Cohen lead readers on a fascinating odyssey...

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Vitt Laurie J.  Caldwell Janalee P. 
edizioni Academic Pr collana Academic Pr (Hardcover)

This third edition is completely revised and expanded and incorporates all the latest taxonomy and research. Herpetology is a rapidly evolving field and studies on reptiles and amphibians have taken the lead in new discoveries in many conceptual areas of biology. The authors build on this progress by updating all the...

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