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Baker Cynthia M. 
edizioni Rutgers Univ Pr collana Rutgers Univ Pr (Paperback), 2017

€ 31,10
Heidegger's Black Notebooks

Heidegger's Black Notebooks

Mitchell Andrew J. (EDT)  Trawny Peter (EDT) 
edizioni Columbia Univ Pr collana Columbia Univ Pr (Paperback), 2017

€ 28,70
Approaches to Auschwitz

Approaches to Auschwitz

Rubenstein Richard L.  Roth John K. 
edizioni Westminster John Knox Pr collana Westminster John Knox Pr (Paperback), 2003

This interdisciplinary study, written by a Christian scholar and a Jewish scholar, explores the various ways in which the Holocaust has been studied and assesses its continuing significance. In this revised edition, Roth (philosophy; director, Center for the Study of the Holocaust, Genocide, and Human Rights, Claremont...

€ 32,30