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Thinking Through Things

Thinking Through Things

Henare Amiria (EDT)  Holbraad Martin (EDT)  Wastell Sari (EDT) 
edizioni Routledge collana Routledge (Paperback)

Drawing upon the work of some of the most influential theorists in the field, Thinking Through Things demonstrates the quiet revolution growing in anthropology and its related disciplines, shifting its philosophical foundations. The first text to offer a direct and provocative challenge to disciplinary fragmentation...

€ 44,30
Romani Culture And Gypsy Identity

Romani Culture And Gypsy Identity

Acton Thomas  Mundy Gary 
edizioni Paul & Co Pub Consortium collana Paul & Co Pub Consortium (Paperback)

Provides a comparative account of Gypsy culture, art and music together with contemporary accounts of changes in education, health and religion. This book includes critical deconstruction of folklorism, illustrations of painted traditional caravans, and songs and extracts from musical scores.

€ 24,20