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Your Amazing Newborn

Your Amazing Newborn

Klaus Marshall H.  Klaus Phyllis H. 
edizioni Da Capo Lifelong collana Da Capo Lifelong (Paperback), 2000

Your Amazing Newborn celebrates a baby's extraordinary abilities in the first hours and days of life. Marshall and Phyllis Klaus take parents and all those who care for new families into this freshly charted world, one they have been exploring for decades. The results of their fascinating research are illuminated by...

€ 18,50
A Gift of Time

A Gift of Time

Kuebelbeck Amy  Davis Deborah L. Ph.D. 
edizioni Johns Hopkins Univ Pr collana Johns Hopkins Univ Pr (Paperback), 2011

A Gift of Time is a gentle and practical guide for parents who decide to continue their pregnancy knowing that their baby's life will be brief.When prenatal testing reveals that an unborn child is expected to die before or shortly after birth, some parents will choose to proceed with the pregnancy and to welcome their...

€ 20,30