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The Future of Your Only Child

The Future of Your Only Child

Pickhardt Carl E. 
edizioni St Martins Pr collana St Martins Pr (Paperback), 2008

One-child households havedoubled over the last two decades making it one of the fastest growing family units in America. Expert Carl Pickhardt aids families in understanding the common traits of many adult “onlies”--like shyness, perfection, and intolerance--so that they can better prepare for potential outcomes. He...

€ 14,60
Parenting School Age Twins and Multiples

Parenting School Age Twins and Multiples

Tinglof Christina Baglivi 
edizioni McGraw-Hill collana McGraw-Hill (Paperback), 2006

Real-world advice for when your twins' and multiples' concerns go beyond "Should they dress alike?"Should your twins be placed in the same homeroom at school? Does one of your kids have a harder time making friends than the other? How healthy is competition among your triplets? Christina Baglivi Tinglof, author of...

€ 16,20