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Sewald Norbert  Jakubke Hans-Dieter 
edizioni John Wiley & Sons Inc collana John Wiley & Sons Inc (Paperback), 2009

Thoroughly updated, incorporating around 25 % new material, Sewald/Jakubke remains the only modern and scientifically up-to-date advanced textbook on peptide biochemistry, distilling the knowledge of hundreds of publications into a highly readable synopsis of this diverse field. The authors explain the broad fundamentals...

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Amino Acids and Peptides

Amino Acids and Peptides

Barrett Graham C.  Elmore Donald Trevor 
edizioni Cambridge Univ Pr collana (Paperback), 1999

This text is intended for undergraduate and beginning graduate students in chemistry and biochemistry studying amino acids and peptides. The authors concentrate on amino acids and peptides without detailed discussions of proteins, while giving all the essential background chemistry, including sequence determination,...

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