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The Tree of Life

The Tree of Life

Vargas Pablo (EDT)  Zardoya Rafael (EDT)  Louise Annette (TRN) 
edizioni Sinauer Associates Inc collana Sinauer Associates Inc (Hardcover), 2014

"A comprehensive overview of the evolution of living organisms. Includes phylogenetic and evolutionary relationships for the main groups of living organisms. Chapters include genome features, evolution of characters, biogeography and biodiversity, differentiation and speciation, plus chapters on evolution-influencing...

€ 101,70
Tree Thinking

Tree Thinking

Baum David A.  Smith Stacey D. 
edizioni W H Freeman & Co collana W H Freeman & Co (Hardcover), 2012

€ 49,10
Phylogenetic Trees Made Easy

Phylogenetic Trees Made Easy

Hall Barry G. 
edizioni Sinauer Associates Inc collana Sinauer Associates Inc (Paperback), 2011

With the advent of gene sequencing, says Hall (emeritus, U. of Rochester) phylogenetic analysis escaped from its obscure niche in taxonomy to become a core feature of genomics and bioinformatics. The reputation of phylogenetic trees as arcane and difficult remained, however, and indeed was nurtured by the few who used...

€ 66,80
Evolutionary Pathways in Nature

Evolutionary Pathways in Nature

Avise John C.  Nicholson Trudy H. (ILT) 
edizioni Cambridge Univ Pr collana Cambridge Univ Pr (Paperback), 2006

Reconstructing phylogenetic trees from DNA sequences has become a popular exercise in many branches of biology, and here the well-known geneticist John Avise explains why. Molecular phylogenies provide a genealogical backdrop for interpreting the evolutionary histories of many other types of biological traits (anatomical,...

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€ 58,20