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The Complete Book of Traditional Reiki

The Complete Book of Traditional Reiki

Rowland Amy Zaffarano 
edizioni Healing Arts Pr collana Healing Arts Pr (Paperback)

A comprehensive guide to the hands-on healing techniques taught to practitioners in a traditional Reiki I class • Discusses Reiki’s origin and purpose, the attunement process, and the many physical and emotional states for which Reiki can provide healing support • Includes step-by-step photographs of the basic hand...

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Principles of Reiki

Principles of Reiki

Borang Kajsa Krishni  Twan Wanja (FRW) 
edizioni Singing Dragon collana Singing Dragon (Paperback) , 2013

Each book offers an overview of a particular type of alternative medicine in a concise format that will not overwhelm readers new to the subject. Original.

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