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Solve Your Child's Sleep Problems

Solve Your Child's Sleep Problems

Ferber Richard 
edizioni Touchstone Books collana Touchstone Books (Paperback), 2006

Does your child Have difficulty falling asleep? Wake in the middle of the night? Suffer sleep terrors, sleepwalking, or nighttime fears? Have difficulty waking for school or staying awake in class? Snore, wet the bed, or head bang? In the first major revision of his bestselling, groundbreaking...

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Sleeping Through The Night

Sleeping Through The Night

Mindell Jodi A. 
edizioni Avon A collana Avon A (Paperback), 2005

Right after "Is it a boy or a girl?" and "What's his/her name?," the next question people invariably ask new parents is "Are you getting any sleep?" Unfortunately, the answer is usually "Not much." In fact, studies show that approximately 25% of young children experience some type of sleep problem and, as any bleary-eyed...

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Sleep Better!

Sleep Better!

Durand Vincent Mark 
edizioni Paul H Brookes Pub Co collana Paul H Brookes Pub Co (Paperback), 1997

This book offers professionals and parents step-by-step, "how-to" instructions for addressing a variety of problems and implementing widely tested, largely drug-free techniques that have already helped hundreds of children with special needs.Convenient features include a ready-to-use sleep diary, behavior log, graphic...

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