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Vaughn Bill 
edizioni Yale Univ Pr collana Yale Univ Pr (Hardcover), 2015

One of humankind’s oldest companions, the hawthorn tree is bound up in the memories of every recorded age and the plot lines of cultures across the Northern Hemisphere. InHawthorn, Bill Vaughn examines the little-recognized political, cultural, and natural history of this ancient spiky plant. Used for thousands of...

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Thomas Peter A. 
edizioni Cambridge Univ Pr collana Cambridge Univ Pr (Paperback), 2014

€ 45,50
Trees of India

Trees of India

Mukherjee Pippa  Desai Poonam (ILT) 
edizioni Oxford University Press collana Oxford Univ Pr (Paperback), 2008

In Trees of India, we can see forty-three tree species, most of which are commonly in India. Detailed descriptions of each, complemented by color photographs of the tree and its leaves, fruits, and flowers, reveal the unique characteristics of a wide variety of trees. Trees of India includes decriptions and well-known...

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