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Old Buildings, New Designs

Old Buildings, New Designs

Bloszies Charles  Hardy Hugh (FRW) 
edizioni Princeton Architectural Pr collana Princeton Architectural Pr (Paperback) , 2011

Increasingly, architects are hired to design new work for existing structures. Whether for reasons of preservation, sustainability, or cost-effectiveness, the movement to reuse buildings presents a variety of design challenges and opportunities. Old Buildings, New Designs is an Architecture Brief devoted to working...

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New Rooms for Old Houses

New Rooms for Old Houses

Shirley Frank  O'Rourke Randy (PHT) 
edizioni Taunton Pr collana Taunton Pr (Hardcover)

The most popular American house styles today are still the classics from yesterday--Capes, Bungalows, Victorians and Federals. The perennial struggle, however, is how to best live in them with our changing needs. Often, we need more space. The likely solution? Add on. The challenge? How to do it right. Published in...

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Building Additions

Building Additions

Fine Homebuilding Magazine (EDT) 
edizioni Taunton Pr collana Taunton Pr (Paperback)

Expanding a house requires both inspiration and expertise, and that is just what the seasoned professionals from Fine Homebuilding magazine have provided in Building Additions. Through an eye-catching combination of text, illustration, and photos, they reveal the decisions, design ideas, and construction details involved...

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Urban Transformations and the Architecture of Additions

Urban Transformations and the Architecture of Additions

De Arce Rodrigo Perez  Marsh Julian (INT) 
edizioni Routledge collana Routledge (Hardcover)

Rodrigo Perez de Arce's essay Urban Transformations and Architectural Additions was published during the formative stages of Post Modernism, at the point where theory was becoming seriously established. Jencks' first essays formalising the term Post Modernism in architecture and the revised Learning from Las Vegas...

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