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Inhalation Drug Delivery

Inhalation Drug Delivery

Colombo Paolo  Traini Daniela  Buttini Francesca 
edizioni Blackwell Pub collana Blackwell Pub (Hardcover) , 2013

There has been a rapid evolution in the field of inhalation drug therapy, including new drugs, increased regulation and quality control, and strong pressure from generics. Inhalation Drug Therapy brings together the most current inhalation drug research, as well as practical developments and processes, into one essential...

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Optimization of Aerosol Drug Delivery

Optimization of Aerosol Drug Delivery

Gradon Leon (EDT)  Marijnissen Jan (EDT) 
edizioni Springer Verlag collana (Hardcover)

Aerosol therapy has significantly improved the treatment of a variety of respiratory diseases. Besides the treatment of respiratory diseases there is currently also a great interest to use the lungs as a portal to introduce drugs for systemic therapy. The success of therapy with the application of aerosolized medicaments...

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