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State of Emergency

State of Emergency

Kunjufu Jawanza 
edizioni African Amer Images collana African Amer Images (Paperback) , 2009

Raising important questions and offering more than 100 applicable solutions, this critical analysis examines the challenges facing African American males in today's society. Providing a thorough investigation of educational issues, class struggles, absentee fathers, penal institutions, and the drug industry, the book...

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Black Men

Black Men

Madhubuti Haki R. 
edizioni Ingram Pub Services collana Ingram Pub Services (Paperback) , 1990

Here is the seminal and critical work that helped solidify Haki Madhubuti as an informed, passionate, and caring commentator on Black life, culture, relationships, and the development and stability of the Black community. In Black Men, an integral text for anyone with vested interest in building healthy, thriving Black...

€ 12,30
James Baldwin's Go Tell It on the Mountain

James Baldwin's Go Tell It on the Mountain

Henderson Carol E. (EDT) 
edizioni Peter Lang Pub Inc collana Peter Lang Pub Inc (Hardcover)

Both Baldwin and his first novel burst onto the literary scene, fully formed, in 1953. The dual narrative of a man struggling with both God and himself, the honesty, and the mastery of a previously overlooked form of language born of crisis and pain shook readers to the core. Henderson (African American and American...

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Baker Calvin 
edizioni Pgw collana Pgw (Paperback)

With Calvin Baker's first novel, Naming The New World, he was named a “Notable First Novelist” by Time magazine. Since his second novel, Once Two Heroes, Baker has continued to be acclaimed by the major media from the Los Angeles Times to Esquire. Now, with Dominion, Baker has written a lush, incantatory novel about...

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