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George Catlin's American Buffalo

George Catlin's American Buffalo

Harris Adam Duncan  Broun Elizabeth (FRW)  McNutt James C. (FRW)  Blackinton Theresa (EDT) 
edizioni D Giles Ltd collana D Giles Ltd (Hardcover) , 2013

Presenting forty major oil paintings by George Catlin from the mid-late 1830s, this volume re-examines the legacy of this complex artist. Many of Catlin's paintings were produced following his 1832 expedition down the Missouri River, past the prairie lands of Oklahoma, where he witnessed the landscape blackened by...

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Kent Monkman

Kent Monkman

Monkman Kent  Hubbard Tasha (CON)  Milroy Sarah (CON) 
edizioni Gardiner Museum collana Gardiner Museum (Paperback) , 2015

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€ 16,80