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Armies and Insurgencies in the Arab Spring

Armies and Insurgencies in the Arab Spring

Albrecht Holger (EDT)  Croissant Aurel (EDT)  Lawson Fred H. (EDT) 
edizioni Univ of Pennsylvania Pr collana Univ of Pennsylvania Pr (Hardcover) , 2016

Following the popular uprisings that swept across the Arab world beginning in 2010, armed forces remained pivotal actors in politics throughout the region. As demonstrators started to challenge entrenched autocratic rulers in Tunis, Cairo, Sana'a, and Manama, the militaries stormed back into the limelight and largely...

€ 62,90
Lost in Translation

Lost in Translation

Rabi Uzi (EDT)  Bouasria Abdelilah (EDT)  Mayer Jean-francois (FRW) 
edizioni Sussex Academic Pr collana Sussex Academic Pr (Hardcover)

€ 80,60
Chaos and Counterrevolution

Chaos and Counterrevolution

Falk Richard 
edizioni Baker & Taylor collana (Hardcover)

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€ 32,30