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Calico Cats

Calico Cats

Furstinger Nancy 
edizioni Abdo Group collana Abdo Group (Library)

An introduction to the origins, physical characteristics, and behavior of calico cats, with information on the choosing and care of an calico kitten.

€ 24,20
Counting on Calico

Counting on Calico

Tildes Phyllis Limbacher 
edizioni Charlesbridge Pub Inc collana Charlesbridge Pub Inc (Paperback)

A calico cat and her kittens provide the opportunity to count from one to twenty and to learn about domestic cats

€ 6,80
Cats are not Peas

Cats are not Peas

Gould Laura L. 
edizioni A K Peters Ltd collana A K Peters Ltd (Hardcover) , 2008

In 1988, when Laura Gould brought her newly-adopted cat George to the vet, the vet smirked at hearing the masculine name. He soon turned pale, after taking a closer look at George. George is a calico AND he is male. The logic of genetics that resulted from Gregor Mendel's famous experiments with peas tells us that...

€ 55,00