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Featherweight Boatbuilding

Featherweight Boatbuilding

McCarthy Mac 
edizioni Wooden Boat Pub collana Wooden Boat Pub (Paperback)

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Building the Six-Hour Canoe

Building the Six-Hour Canoe

Butz Richard  Montague John (ILT)  Montague John  Bartoo William 
edizioni Tiller Pub collana Tiller Pub (Paperback)

A guide to building a canoe that contains scale plans, specifications, a tool list, step-by-step instructions, and even a helpful explanation of how to paddle the canoe. All the building operations are clearly illustrated with photos and sketches. The canoe is constructed from a single 4'x16' (or two 4' x 8' sheets)...

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Moores Ted 
edizioni Firefly Books Ltd collana Firefly Books Ltd (Paperback)

Known internationally as "the Bible of canoe building," Canoecraft is back, and it's bigger and better than ever. The best-selling how-to guide has been completely revised and expanded, and master canoe builder Ted Moores again infuses the pages with the experience and wisdom acquired over almost three decades. His...

€ 22,70
Noah's Last Canoe

Noah's Last Canoe

Evans Doug 
edizioni Univ of Toronto Pr collana Univ of Toronto Pr (Hardcover)

In 1967 the Manitoba Museum asked northerner Doug Evans to undertake a mission. The museum was keenly aware that the Cree method of constructing birch bark canoes for northern lakes and rivers was fast disappearing. Evans flew into the Pelican Narrows region of Saskatchewan to chronicle the step—by—step building process...

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