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The Crossbow

The Crossbow

Payne-Gallwey Ralph 
edizioni Perseus Distribution Services collana Perseus Distribution Services (Paperback) , 2007

This unique exploration of a weapon used for centuries will fascinate historians and enthusiasts alike. The crossbow, probably introduced to England by the Norman invaders in 1066, was once considered so barbarous that it was prohibited as a “weapon hateful to God and unfit for Christians.” Sir Ralph Payne-Gallwey,...

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Whoosh Boom Splat

Whoosh Boom Splat

Gurstelle William 
edizioni Random House Inc collana Random House Inc (Paperback) , 2007

These are the homemade machines that you've dreamed of building, from the high-voltage Night Lighter 36 spud gun to the Jam Jar Jet, the Marshmallow Shooter, and the Yagua Blowgun. Including detailed diagrams and supply lists, Gurstelle's simple, step-by-step instructions help workshop warriors at any skill level achieve...

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