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Synthesis and Technique in Inorganic Chemistry

Synthesis and Technique in Inorganic Chemistry

Girolami Gregory S.  Rauchfuss Thomas B.  Angelici Robert J. 
edizioni Univ Science Books collana Univ Science Books (Paperback)

This laboratory manual in the modern synthesis and instrumental techniques currently used in inorganic chemistry was last published in 1986 with Robert J. Angelici listed as author. The third edition places greater emphasis on the applications of inorganic synthesis in materials science and in biochemistry, and 15...

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Microscale Inorganic Chemistry

Microscale Inorganic Chemistry

Szafran Zvi  Pike Ronald M.  Singh Mono M. 
edizioni John Wiley & Sons Inc collana John Wiley & Sons Inc (Paperback)

This text is intended to provide students with instruction and valuable laboratory experience in the often neglected area of inorganic chemistry. Divided into four main parts, the book covers chemistry of the main group elements, chemistry of the transition metals, organometallic chemistry, and bioinorganic chemistry....

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