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Lee Milly  Choi Yangsook (ILT) 
edizioni Farrar Straus & Giroux collana Farrar Straus & Giroux (School And Library) , 2006

Sun is ready to leave his village in China for America, theplace known as Gum Saan, Gold Mountain. His father warnshim, though, that passage will not be easy. Because of the 1882Chinese Exclusion Act, new immigrants like Sun are detainedat Angel Island until they are called to take a difficult oralexam before they...

€ 17,60
The Fire Horse Girl

The Fire Horse Girl

Honeyman Kay 
edizioni Scholastic collana Scholastic (Hardcover)

A fiery and romantic adventure, perfect for fans of Grace Lin, Kristen Cashore, or Lisa See!Jade Moon is a Fire Horse -- the worst sign in the Chinese zodiac for girls, said to make them stubborn, willful, and far too imaginative. But while her family despairs of marrying her off, she has a passionate heart and powerful...

€ 15,80
Hannah Is My Name

Hannah Is My Name

Yang Belle  Yang Belle (ILT) 
edizioni Candlewick Pr collana Candlewick Pr (School And Library)

With Chinese-influenced paintings in jewel-like colors, Belle Yang tells an immigration tale that reflects one of the many facets of the American dream.Hannah is my name in this new country. It doesn't sound at all like myChinese name, Na-Li, which means beautiful.It's a long way from Taiwan to San Francisco, but Hannah's...

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€ 13,60