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Church Unique

Church Unique

Mancini Will 
edizioni Jossey-Bass Inc Pub collana Jossey-Bass Inc Pub (Hardcover), 2008

Written by church consultant Will Mancini?n expert on a new kind of visioning process to help churches develop a stunningly unique model of ministry that leads to redemptive movement. He guides churches away from an internal focus to emphasize participation in their community and surrounding culture. In this important...

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Growing an Engaged Church

Growing an Engaged Church

Winseman Albert L. 
edizioni Gallup Pr collana Gallup Pr (Hardcover), 2007

What would a church look like if members of its congregation were 13 times more likely to have invited someone to participate in the church in the past month? Or if they were three times as satisfied with their lives, or spent two hours per week serving the community? Based on solid research by The Gallup Organization,...

€ 17,90
5 Keys for Church Leaders

5 Keys for Church Leaders

Martin Kevin 
edizioni Church Pub Inc collana Church Pub Inc (Paperback), 2007

In this valuable church leadership resource, Kevin Martin examines the five aspects of congregational life that are key to the development and growth of a strong congregation. Based on the author's popular church growth seminar, The Five Critical Systems, the five keys to congregational growth are: Build the Team...

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Jackson John  Maxwell John (FRW) 
edizioni Abingdon Pr collana Abingdon Pr (Paperback), 2009

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€ 13,90