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The Authentic Dissertation

The Authentic Dissertation

Jacob Don Trent 
edizioni Taylor & Francis collana Taylor & Francis (Hardcover)

The Authentic Dissertation is a road map for students who want to make their dissertation more than a series of hoop-jumping machinations that cause them to lose the vitality and meaningfulness of their research. Students and tutors are presented with practical guidance for the kind of alternative dissertations that...

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My Qualitative Dissertation Journey

My Qualitative Dissertation Journey

Garratt Dean 
edizioni Hampton Pr collana Hampton Pr (Paperback) , 2003

Garratt (Manchester Metropolitan University) shares lessons learned during his struggle to write a research dissertation, presenting at the same time an exposition of the doctoral thesis itself. According to the author, the dissertation "began as an investigation into the theme of `good citizenship' as related to schools,...

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