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Born Healers

Born Healers

Pendragon Victoria 
edizioni Ozark Mountain Pub collana Ozark Mountain Pub (Paperback), 2016

€ 10,20
Intuitive Wellness

Intuitive Wellness

Kamm Laura Alden 
edizioni Simon & Schuster collana Simon & Schuster (Paperback), 2006

Twenty years ago, Laura Alden Kamm recovered from a near-death experience with the amazing new ability to telepathically scan the structure of a person's body and see inner disturbances in intricate detail. Kamm also had the ability to see Kirlian fields -- the electromagnetic energies that pulse around all organic...

€ 12,40
Cell-level Healing

Cell-level Healing

Hawkes Joyce Whiteley Ph.D.  King Joan C. Ph.D. (FRW) 
edizioni Beyond Words Pub Co collana Beyond Words Pub Co (Hardcover), 2006

Our bodies glow with the miracle of life pulsing in 100 trillion cells. Spiritual resources can positively influence the wizardry of our natural cell science that repairs and renews the body. Cell-Level Healing: The Spiritual Bridge From Soul to Cell provides instruction at the interface of biology and spirit.While...

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€ 20,40