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Face Perception

Face Perception

Bruce Vicki  Young Andy 
edizioni Psychology Pr collana Psychology Pr (Hardcover) , 2012

British psychologists Bruce and Young mark the 25th anniversary of their first joint paper on face recognition by presenting an introduction to it for students and professionals. They cover the face as an organ of communication, the science and methods of face perception research, social categories, messages from facial...

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Baby Talk

Baby Talk

Sami  Ziefert Harriet 
edizioni Random House Childrens Books collana Random House Childrens Books (Hardcover)

Toddlers love bold, graphic pictures almost as much as they love a book they can play with. Flip-a-Face books invite young readers to interact with the faces by flipping the pages. Presto-change-oa brand-new face appears! Hours of interactive play are in store!An innovative and durable board-book format in which every...

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