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Baumgardner Jennifer  Richards Amy 
edizioni Farrar Straus & Giroux collana Farrar Straus & Giroux (Paperback)

From the authors of Manifesta, an activism handbook that illustrates how to truly make the personal political.Grassroots is an activism handbook for social justice. Aimed at everyone from students to professionals, stay-at-home moms to artists, Grassroots answers the perennial question: What can I do? Whether you are...

€ 14,80
Transforming Feminist Practice

Transforming Feminist Practice

Fernandes Leela 
edizioni Aunt Lute Books collana Aunt Lute Books (Paperback)

Leela Fernandes’ years of teaching women studies courses at Rutgers—where she has seen frustration, paralysis and depression take hold of young students grappling with the hard realities of social activism—led her to examine the state of contemporary feminism and social justice movements. The result is an accessible...

€ 15,50