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Stolen Asset Recovery

Stolen Asset Recovery

Greenberg Theodore S.  Samuel Linda M.  Grant Wingate  Gray Larissa 
edizioni World Bank collana World Bank (Paperback) , 2009

Non-Conviction Based (NCB) asset forfeiture is a powerful tool for recovering the proceeds and instrumentalities of corruption, particularly in cases where the proceeds are transferred abroad. A procedure that provides for the restraint, seizure, and forfeiture of tainted assets without the need for a criminal conviction,...

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Civil Forfeiture of Criminal Property

Civil Forfeiture of Criminal Property

Young Simon N. M. (EDT) 
edizioni Edward Elgar Pub collana Edward Elgar Pub (Hardcover) , 2009

Editor Young (comparative and public law, U. of Hong Kong) has gathered commentary from legal experts around the world to analyze current trends of civil forfeiture of criminal property that are being adopted by countries such as China, Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom and the United States. Aimed primarily at...

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