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Aquarium Care of Goldfish

Aquarium Care of Goldfish

Boruchowitz David E. 
edizioni Tfh Pubns Inc collana Tfh Pubns Inc (Paperback), 2008

This expert guide provides up-to-date information on keeping goldfish healthy in home aquariums. It covers a wide range of common issues with goldfish care, and contains identifying photos for many of the most popular and easily obtained goldfish species. TFH Publications, Inc. has teamed up with Animal Planet, the...

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Brewster Bernice  Fletcher Nick 
edizioni Lumina Media collana Lumina Media (Paperback), 2004

Aquamaster books are written by fish keeping experts who have first-hand experience in answering hobbyists questions. The series targets today's generation of fish keepers who want sensible, practical advice

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Fancy Goldfish

Fancy Goldfish

Johnson Erik L.  Hess Richard E. 
edizioni Random House Inc collana Random House Inc (Hardcover), 2001

Goldfish come in a range of sizes and looks that is truly amazing. Fancy Goldfish is the most encompassing and thorough treatment of the fancy goldfish hobby to date. With photographs, essays, and instructions from a variety of experts, this book will provide readers with all they need to embark on the fascinating...

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Me and My Pet Fish

Me and My Pet Fish

Morley Christine  Orbell Carole  Granstrom Brita (ILT) 
edizioni World Book Inc collana World Book Inc (Hardcover), 1997

€ 9,00
Flutter and Float

Flutter and Float

Tourville Amanda Doering  Carter Andi (ILT) 
edizioni Capstone Pr Inc collana Capstone Pr Inc (Library), 2008

Presents advice on caring for goldfish, discussing their feeding, habitats, and healthcare.

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