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Wisdom From The Five People You Meet In Heaven

Wisdom From The Five People You Meet In Heaven

Gilvin Brandon  Godsey Heather 
edizioni Chalice Pr collana Chalice Pr (Paperback) , 2005

Mitch Albom's popular novel The Five People You Meet in Heaven (Hyperion 2003), is not just about what happens after we die. It also offers some pretty important insights into the lives we lead in the here and now. Using the Wisdom Traditions of the Bible as a backdrop, Wisdom from the Five People You Meet in Heaven...

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Ferlo Roger (EDT) 
edizioni Abingdon Pr collana Abingdon Pr (Paperback) , 2007

We hear about heaven and the supernatural far more often on late-night TV than in church; indeed, many Christians never hear eternity mentioned seriously from the pulpit. This book of short, personal essays gathers the hopes and reflections of writers from theology, fiction, and poetry. The authors include Rick Moody,...

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