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Measuring Human Trafficking

Measuring Human Trafficking

Savona Ernesto Ugo (EDT)  Stefanizzi Sonia (EDT) 
edizioni Springer Verlag collana Springer Verlag (Hardcover)

The tràfficking of humàn beings is à màjor worldwide problem. This book àddresses the need for à system thàt provides the sàme set of quàntitàtive ànd quàlitàtive dàtà to help develop à comprehensive counter-stràtegy. It ànàlyzes vàrious definitions às well às the complexity of phenomenà thàt impàir the collection...

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Human Trafficking, Human Misery

Human Trafficking, Human Misery

Aronowitz Alexis A. 
edizioni Greenwood Pub Group collana (Hardcover)

Virtually all countries in the world are affected by the scourge of human trafficking, either as a source, transit, or destination country, or combination thereof. While countries have long focused on international trafficking, internal movement and exploitation within countries may be even more prevalent than trans-border...

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