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Alaska's Daughter

Alaska's Daughter

Pinson Elizabeth Bernhardt 
edizioni Utah State Univ Pr collana Utah State Univ Pr (Paperback)

Elizabeth B. Pinson shares with us her memories of Alaska's emergence into a new and modern era, bearing witness to history in the early twentieth century as she recalls it. She draws us into her world as a young girl of mixed ethnicity, with a mother whose Eskimo family had resided on the Seward Peninsula for generations...

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The Storytellers' Club

The Storytellers' Club

Cox Loretta Outwater 
edizioni Ingram Pub Services collana Ingram Pub Services (Hardcover)

In the dark months of the Far North, a group of women decide to meet regularly and tell stories about the times and people of their youth. Each story delivers universal truths about family unity, respect, grief, and overcoming challenges.

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