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Unification Grammars

Unification Grammars

Francez Nissim  Wintner Shuly 
edizioni Cambridge Univ Pr collana Cambridge Univ Pr (Hardcover) , 2011

"Grammars of natural languages can be expressed as mathematical objects, similar to computer programs. Such a formal presentation of grammars facilitates mathematical reasoning with grammars (and the languages they denote), as well as computational implementation of grammar processors. This book presents one of the...

€ 122,40
Lexical-Functional Grammar

Lexical-Functional Grammar

Falk Yehuda 
edizioni Stanford Univ Center for the Study collana Stanford Univ Center for the Study (Paperback) , 2001

With this textbook, Yehuda N. Falk provides an introduction to the theory of Lexical-Functional Grammar, aimed at both students and professionals who are familiar with other generative theories and now wish to approach LFG. Falk examines LFG's relation to more conventional theories--like Government/Binding or the Minimalism...

€ 22,50