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In Custer's Shadow

In Custer's Shadow

Nichols Ronald H.  Pohanka Brian C. (INT) 
edizioni Univ of Oklahoma Pr collana Univ of Oklahoma Pr (Paperback) , 2000

During the Battle of the Little Big Horn, five entire companies of the 7th Cavalry, including their leader, George Armstrong Custer, were lost. For years the shadow of blame for the defeat has been cast upon Custer. What role did his subordinates play in the battle? Did they contribute to the Custer failure, or was...

€ 18,10
Billy Heath

Billy Heath

Genovese Vincent J.  Pohanka Brian C. (FRW) 
edizioni Prometheus Books collana Prometheus Books (Hardcover)

Although opinions vary on the details of the battle, virtually every book in the Custer literature agrees on one point: not a single soldier was alive after the dust settled in Montana that fateful day. However, recent facts uncovered by author Vincent J. Genovese bring the universally accepted conclusion of no survivors...

€ 21,90
Harvest of Barren Regrets

Harvest of Barren Regrets

Mills Charles K.  Donovan James (INT) 
edizioni Univ of Nebraska Pr collana Univ of Nebraska Pr (Paperback)

Frederick William Benteen (1834–98) was a military officer during the Civil War and the Black Hills War against the Lakotas and the Northern Cheyennes. He was in command of a battalion at the Battle of Little Bighorn, and some say that his controversial actions during the battle may have contributed to Custer's disastrous...

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