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The Okinawa Diet Plan

The Okinawa Diet Plan

Willcox Bradley J.  Willcox D. Craig  Suzuki Makoto M.D. 
edizioni Harmony Books collana Harmony Books (Paperback), 2005

In their New York Times bestseller The Okinawa Program, Drs. Bradley and Craig Willcox and Makoto Suzuki explained why the Okinawans are the longest-lived people on earth. Now, they offer a practical diet program rooted in Okinawan traditions so that you too can have a leaner, more “metabolically efficient” body that...

€ 15,70
Eternity Soup

Eternity Soup

Critser Greg 
edizioni Random House Inc collana Random House Inc (Hardcover), 2010

Mix the latest and most rigorous scientific research, irrepressible old-fashioned entrepreneurship, and the ancient human desire to live forever (or at least a lot longer) and the result is today’s exploding multibillion-dollar antiaging industry. Its achievements are so far mostly marginal, but its promises flow with...

€ 19,10